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5 Strategies to Generate Fresh Website Leads

A top goal businesses have for their websites is growing their email list to boost chances for new sales. Generating leads is the lifeblood of your business. Optimizing your website so you’re creating multiple ways for visitors to opt into your list is a sure strategy for capturing as many fresh leads as possible.

In fact, a whopping 96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy and 70% of them will never return. These staggering numbers reveal that every opportunity is precious in seizing the moment to capture their contact info and later foster this new relationship through your email marketing strategy.

In this guide, we’ll outline 5 advanced yet successful tools and strategies on how your brand can optimize your website to convert it into a lead generating machine.

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#1 Exit-Intent Technology Works!

Exit-intent technology is a killer tactic to increasing your opt-ins as visitors are seconds away from leaving your website. Influencers like Neil Patel have experienced amazing results leveraging this tool on their sites with an impressive 46% increase in contact requests.

How does it work? By mouse movements and velocity, it detects when a visitor is about to vacate your website. As their cursor starts to move towards the close or browser, an attention-grabbing, last-chance offer is presented as a final resort to bringing them back to your site or opt-in.

This is the one tool that you want to have working on your side to better your lead generation. Research apps such as OptinMonster or Sumo that have the exit-technology feature. Each come with a risk-free trial so you can discover how it works, test it on your site, and experience the benefits of increased subscribers.

#2 Use Sliders or Scroll Boxes

Although popups are highly effective in capturing leads, they also tend to be a bit intrusive. You can offer a gentler, more subtle approach by using sliders or scroll boxes that appear at the bottom corner of your visitor’s screen. They don’t interfere with the reader’s content yet it’s visible enough to gain attention. These options are best used to optimize your blog articles for leads.

Each tool has a different function. A slider shows up once your visitor starts to scroll down. It remains in place until the user actually engages with it by either closing it out or clicking to opt-in.

Scroll boxes, on the other hand, are set up to appear once the visitor reaches a certain percentage of your website. This is ideal when you want to promote a content offer that aligns with the topic shared at that given point in the article. It’s incredibly effective as it already supports what the reader is engaging in…positively impacting conversions from your blogging strategy.

As you can see, both tools can be leveraged to your advantage to enhance your website for leads.

#3 Publish Landing Pages Specific to Free Content Offers

Landing pages are a big component to inbound marketing for building your email list. Its supreme purpose centralizes around one theme: promoting a single, enticing content offer with the intent of converting your visitor into a new lead. Having as many of these working for you that are specific to your target audiences greatly improves the chances of meeting your daily lead goal.

The key is ensuring that your landing page speaks to your market, gives a compelling offer and strong call to action. Being in tune with the needs of your audience positions you to create content that aligns with their interest, thus, impacting your lead conversions.

Here are a few tips to creating winning landing pages:

  • Use 1-2 visuals at the most that relate to your content offer to boost SEO and website experience
  • Consider adding a video to your landing page to improve conversion by as much as 80% (Source: Hubspot)
  • Make them super actionable with content that goes deep into solving a problem
  • Focus on keyword phrases that your audience is actively searching for
  • Keep your landing page focused by detailing one offer. Sell and demonstrate the benefits they’ll receive in return for opting into your list
  • Ensure the CTA is strong and gives clear direction on what to do next

Finally, test your landing page to prove its effectiveness and continue making improvements for better results.

#4 Add Inline Download Forms

Another winning tactic to capturing leads from your blogging strategy is by using a content offer that matches the topic the reader is currently engaging in.

Different than the scroll boxes previously mentioned, inline download forms appear within the blog post. Readers are bound to come across it as they’re scanning or deeply indulging in your article. Your inline download form is similar to a “content upgrade offer” where you’re either providing more in-depth detail on the topic (i.e. an eBook, video series) or something tangible they can download (i.e. checklist, guide, audio).

The reader has already expressed interest in the subject and now you’re taking it a step further with your content upgrade.

Brian Dean at Backlinko is a genius at giving content upgrades on his website. If you check out any of his blog articles and you’re certain to be welcomed with an inline download form. Each post presents the option of getting that content in a PDF format or content that expands on and adds extended value to the topic.

Follow his lead by implementing this option in your next blog post!

#5 Conclude Articles with an Opt-In Box

Ending your post with a clear CTA that gives people a final opportunity to stay connected with your brand. If someone has invested this much time on your page to hang around until the end, they’re highly qualified and more receptive to opting in. It reveals a real interest in your message and what you’re doing.

Don’t miss out on this grand opportunity! Include an opt-in box to capitalize on visitors that may have been hesitant to join your list in the beginning, but have been persuaded through your awesome content. Highlight a benefit of being on your list or the valuable content they’ll receive in exchange. Keep it simple and to the point. Ask only for the email address, if possible. Remember, the new GDPR privacy laws go into effect in May 2018, make sure your business is ready.

You’ll be surprised at how positioning this webform at the end of your post effects capturing new leads.

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Building your email list gives you more opportunities to convert sales and generate revenue for your business. It’s imperative that your website maximizes all opportunities to capture the visitors that land on your site. Using these tools and tips will enrich your digital strategy and grow your email subscribers substantially. Commit to implementing them in your marketing one-by-one and position yourself for long-term growth in your business.

Much success.