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How to Create Beautiful Content Other Bloggers Will Link to

What are your visitors searching for?Are you ready to publish blog content that engages your readers, improves your ranking in search, drives new visitors to your site, and encourages other bloggers to link to in their posts?

Generating inbound links (or backlinks) from respective bloggers pays you the ultimate compliment showing your website is worthy of being shared on other sites. This is an excellent move towards bolstering credibility in your industry, building trust with your audience and boosting visibility of your brand.

You’ll drive more exposure to your website improving your lead generation and sales. The key is publishing remarkable blog content consistently that is valuable to your niche and resonates with your target audience.

The good news is, you can easily convert your blog creation process from average to amazing by implementing a few changes that can attract bloggers to your content. The following steps outline how to create content other bloggers will link to while meeting your own content marketing goals.

Headlines need to pull the reader into your site.

Craft a Compelling Headline

Your title is the first impression of your blog post. It must be captivating and compelling enough to elicit readers to engage further. Investing the time in your headline can make the difference between bloggers indulging in your content…or not.

With that said, here are a few suggestions to crafting a winning headline that captures attention and gets people reading your article:

  • Keep it short and concise
  • Include the benefit readers will gain from your post
  • Add descriptive words to make your headline standout
  • Numbers (listicles) and how-to’s perform well in social media shares and on search
  • Leverage useful tools like CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer to create catchy headlines every time!


Add Interactive Content

Interactive content is said to be “the future of content marketing” (Source: Jeff Bullas).

Content pieces like infographics, videos, code wizards, audios, calculators, quizzes, slideshows, polls and surveys enrich website experience and give readers multiple ways to digest your content. You’ll appeal to different learning styles and preferences, a key ingredient to expanding your reach in your blogging strategy.

[bctt tweet=”In the land of content, interactivity is king”]

Interactive content also keeps visitors on your website longer (dwell-time), significantly improving SEO ranking. This power-packed strategy can increase your brand awareness, improve search engine listing and foster engagement.

Since interactive content is loved by audiences, bloggers are more likely to link your piece because it will resonate with their viewers too. Focus on implementing more of these types in your writing strategy.

For example, surveys are excellent because you can leverage this data for market research to improve your strategy and customer experiences. Quizzes are fun ways for viewers to learn more about themselves. Finally, videos cater to visual learners who prefer to watch your content versus reading it.

Blog posts are a key ingredient in a successful marketing strategy.


Use Subheadings, Numbers and Bulleted Lists

Since 80% of people prefer to perform online searches using their smartphone, most people are likely to view your content on a mobile device. When creating your blog posts, it’s important to keep this in mind. You want to make it easy to read so visitors will remain on your page.

If bloggers have a hard time following your content, they are less likely to link it to their pages. The solution is using easy formatting like subheadings, numbered lists and bullet points so it breaks your article up in bite-size chunks.

Spacing is also key. Refrain from writing long sections and instead focus on 2-3 sentences per paragraph.

A great image grabs attention.

Make it Stunning with Visuals

Visuals have an incredible impact on engagement. In fact, articles with an image once every 75-100 words received double the social media shares than articles with fewer images (Source: Hubspot). Including visuals makes your content fun, colorful, and appealing to the eye, giving viewers a break from text.

[bctt tweet=”Great Pics = More Clicks. “]

Keep in mind that bloggers are thinking of their audience when linking your content to their posts. Adding visuals that complement your message simply enhances your post and makes it attractive for any reader.

Therefore, include a variety of visuals like GIFs, videos, infographics, memes, and photos in your blog articles to increase engagement, shares and inbound links.

 Images make your articles more interesting.

Create Conversation with Readers

A huge advantage to blogging is that it allows you to be authentic in your personality and build relationships with your audience.

People truly get to know and experience your brand with each post published. Writing your blog post as if you’re having a direct, face-to-face conversation with your reader helps humanize your business and keeps them engaged with your brand.

Great content keeps people on your websiteHow does this help bloggers link to your website? When influencers and colleagues in your industry are able to resonate with your message, their followers will too.

Conversations help create an emotional connection with your content. People will gladly pass it on (for more discussion and feedback) or link it because of the rapport you’ve built with that reader.

So when writing, consider the tone you will use that exudes your brand personality. How will you publish your post in a way that connects with your readers? These responses will guide you in producing blog articles that make you relatable.

Publish Quality-Rich Content

Publishing value-rich content always wins! Articles that dive deep into topics and offer real solutions to problems are sure to separate themselves from the pack. As a result, you’ll position your brand as an authority, bolster thought-leadership, and get people actively involved through comments and shares.

Bloggers want to do business with other bloggers that are leaders and influencers in the industry. Whether it’s to connect for potential partnerships or simply create a backlink on their website, being viewed as an expert will drive bloggers to connect with you that can lead to amazing opportunities for your business.

[bctt tweet=”The path from Expert to Influencer is paved with quality blog posts.”]

In addition to the key pointers previous mentioned, here are a few additional ideas to publishing quality-rich content:

  • Aim for long-form content, it performs extremely well on Google and allows you to go in-depth, providing readers with exceptional value
  • Focus on the main objective of your post; keep the body relevant so readers easily follow and understand how it relates
  • Ask for engagement. Encourage readers to leave comments or share your post
  • Include outbound links – Show other bloggers some love by linking their content in your posts. Besides, studies show that outbound links have a positive effect on SEO


Implementing this checklist is a sure way to begin creating beautiful content that other bloggers will gladly link to. Commit to incorporating these techniques in your blog marketing to not only amplify your results but capture the attention of bloggers in your niche who are eager to connect with your content.

Share Your Tips

What did we forget? Do you have a favorite method for creating awesome content? Tell us about it in the comments! Or submit a guest blog post. Want more tips? Check out this article.

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