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Is it time to redesign your website?

Web design trends are constantly evolving to reflect the expectations and demands of online consumers. Even if your website was just designed last year, there is a good chance that at least one or two components of your site are in need of updating. The only way to guarantee that your website has a modern design is to regularly review the content and layout to identify outdated material. If your website is more than a year or two old, it might be in need of a major face lift.

Below are the top twelve reasons why you may need to redesign your website today.

1) Your bounce rate is through the roof.

A high bounce rate is perhaps the biggest single clue that your website is in need of some major attention. If people are abandoning your website in droves after viewing just one page, your site likely has at least one or more of the flaws outlined below.  A rule of thumb for a good bounce rate is under 50%.

2) There are no social media links on your website.

A hallmark of an outdated website is the absence of any social media links. Social media links allow your customers to follow your company online and remain engaged with your business after their initial encounter with your website. A redesign should always include social media links.

3) Your website does not rank well with search engines.

Outdated websites with poorly designed content will likely fail to show up on Google, Bing, and other search engines. If this is the case, then people conducting an online search for your product or service will not come across your website. This could ultimately spell disaster for your business, especially if you are counting on your website as your primary means of expanding your customer base.

4) Finding an item on your website is too challenging.

Navigating your website should be fast and easy for visitors. If visitors seeking a specific information or a product that you carry cannot even locate your search box, then they may become frustrated and abandon your website in favor of a competitor’s site. When planning your redesign, make sure to think about the most important navigation items and make them easy to find.

5) Your website looks ancient.

Your website’s layout and overall appearance are critical to keeping visitors focused and interested in your organization. If your website is using outdated technology such as Flash, or if your copyright date is a year or two old, your visitors may doubt your credibility as key player in your industry. A definite sign that you need a redesign.

6) Your website is slow.

Visitors have to wait longer than two or three seconds for pages to load. Responsiveness and speed are critical to your website’s effectiveness. Internet users demand a fast response and are likely to abandon a website that has slow-loading pages. Ideally, your pages should take no longer than two seconds to load.

chrome console load speed
You can check your load time with the Chrome JavaScript debugger console.

You can check your load time with the Chrome development console. Google also offers a website speed test.

7) Your website is cluttered.

As the online face of your company, your website should have a neat, organized format. If your website has a disorganized or cluttered appearance, prospective customers may worry that your business also lacks an organized approach.

8) Your website lacks a cohesive message.

Visitors to your website should immediately know your website’s intent. Regardless of whether you launched your website to sell a product, educate people, or promote a service, you should ensure that your website conveys your purpose.

9) A visit to your website puts people to sleep.

A boring website can spell disaster for your organization. In addition to not being memorable, a boring website can cause your visitors to leave your site prematurely. Using a multi-media approach to your content is one strategy that will help you capture the interest of prospective customers.

10) Your website lacks content that is helpful or useful to visitors.

People usually arrive at your website with the expectation that it will provide them with the information or products they need. If people arrive at your website only to find nothing in the way of helpful information or products, they will abandon your site and move on to the next provider in their search.

11) Visitors cannot communicate with you through your website.

As people browse the pages of your website, they may have specific questions about your products or services. They also may wish to communicate with you or a member of your organization to verify that your business is legitimate. If your website lacks a “Contact Us” page or a means of communicating with your organization, you run the risk of losing prospects to your competitors.

12) Your website lacks a strong call to action.

The most organized, professional-looking website in the world will not convert prospects to loyal customers if it does not convey a strong call to action. Your website should clearly communicate your organization’s mission and succeed in motivating visitors to invest in your product or service. Make sure your redesign keeps the CTA up front.

How to Find a Comprehensive Solution to Your Website Woes 

If your website is in dire need of a facelift, a professional web designer offers a comprehensive solution. As you evaluate potential web designers, remember that not all web design companies are created equal. Choosing a designer with the following qualities is essential to ensuring that your website is properly updated:

  • At least one decade of industry experience
  • Access to a large pool of talented web designers
  • Outstanding client reviews
  • Affordable quotes with no hidden costs
  • An impressive portfolio of completed websites
  • Superb customer support

A professional web designer that possesses the above attributes will help you remain competitive in your industry by ensuring that your website is fresh in its content and layout. With a fresh redesign of your website, your organization will be one step closer to a more robust customer base.

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