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This is an FAQ for Clients

How many quotes will I get?

The number of quotes depends on the budget of your project. Smaller budgets will recieve around 3 or 4 bids, larger budgest will receive up to 6 or 7.

How much does a logo cost?

To start a logo from scratch, it usually takes at least about 10hrs to complete the entire process. Of course that depends on how many first draft variations you want to see. Usually a designer will provide you with about 3 rough ideas.

Once/If you confirm on one of the 1st drafts, you would then move forward into converting it to digital, preferably a vector based graphic, then tweaking the logo to get the preferred look and feel you want. The tweaks alone usually take about 4-8 hours depending on how many changes and updates are needed to get it to look the way you like.

A professional logo should be provided ready for the web, print media, in various sizes, black and white as well as color. A logo should also be provided in various formats, such as pdf, eps, jpg, png, etc.

If you want to be sure that your colors are always the same from printer to printer, you will want a designer to help you by selecting specific panetone colors.

You will want the file provided in layers as well so that if necessary you can give the raw file to a different designer (down the road) for changes in the future.

If the font is not provided to you from scratch, meaning drawn by hand then converted to digital, then you will also want to be sure your designer is using a licensed copy of a font, if it is not a free one. Fonts can range from $25-$250.

Even if the designer only charges $50hr, nails it on the 1st draft of designs and is able to finish the tweaks within just 10hrs, that would be approximately $500. (That would be if the designer did not have to purchase any font licence, etc.)

For an experienced & professional designer, I would set the ballpark budget for logo design at a minimum to $500-$999.

If you are on a very tight budget. Are open to working with someone with less experience, you could probably get something created, at least to start with for $250-$500. But often with such a low quote you will be compromising quality. In other words, you get what you pay for.

Another option to keep budget down is to select, “Student/Offshore” as your provider type. This helps keep the budget low and there is a chance that you could end up with something you like by hiring someone still trying to build their portfolio or someone overseas that charges less. It really comes down to what you want. If you are not paying much, you may not get the level of quality and professionalism that you desire, so basically it’s a trade off.

Here is a rough guideline to show how much updates to a logo can run. It’s also good to keep in mind that some designers have a 1 hour minimum charge.

The example here is based on a very simple project and a designer that is only charging $50 an hour.  Obviously this is just a rough guide and could vary depending on the exact details of any project.

Example Project: Update Current Client Logo Artwork

Phase I
1. Initial phone/email consultation, R&D
2. Hand drawn artwork (original artwork takes more time to create)
3. Revisions (if applicable)
>List of changes should be submitted in one complete list.
4. Resubmit final artwork for sign-off. (if there are no changes after that, then phase I is complete.)

Option 1
2x50hr=$100 (w/o any revisisions)

Option 2
3x50hr=$150 (This option alots for 1hr more of revisions, if revisions exceed 1hr, billing will be discussed prior and reassessed)

Phase II
1. Implementing new artwork, color & changing overall shape.
2. Phone/email reviews and additional consulation.
3. Revisions to completed design (if applicable.)
>List of changes should be submitted in one complete list.
4. Resubmit final artwork for sign-off. (if there are no changes after that, then phase II is complete.)

Option 1
1x50hr=$50 (w/o any revisisions)

Option 2
2×50=$100 (This option alots for 1hr more of revisions, if revisions exceed 1hr, billing will be discussed prior and reassessed)

– – –
You are looking at about $100 – $250 for simple updates and/or changes to a logo, that’s at a $50hr rate which is a pretty low fee for a professional freelancer.

Some designers may come in lower then my example, some higher. Designquote allows for at least 3-5 designers to send you quotes. So you can take a look and decide which designer/quote you prefer.

In a nutshell, I would imagine a bill for logo design updates being anywhere from $200 -$1000 depending on the rates of the designer, the exact request of changes, the number of revisions and how meticulous the client is.

I posted my project, now what?

You will receive an email from DesignQuote. A customer service representative will review your project and let you know if your project is ready to post.

Be sure to put support@designquote.net and gethelp@designquote.net on your safe list.

Check your spam and junk folders for emails that may have been missed.

What exactly does approving a designer mean?

After your project has been approved and is posted to the design board, you can login to your account below to view, review, approve and/or reject potential designers.  

No designer can contact you until you have approved them.

Approving a designer just means you are willing to review their quote.  It also opens up your project details to them so they can reach out to you. Once you approve the designer they can contact you with their information and their quote.

If you decline any designer, by selecting “No Thanks” it will open up another slot for a different designer to bid on your project.

Once you have reviewed all the designer’s and are ready to move forward in closing the project and selecting one designer, please notify all the designers in your dashboard.  Please remember, designer’s pay for these leads.  This system allows the client to use this service 100% free.  Notifying designers is not a requirement, rather a courtesy and is very much appreciated by the designers that chose to bid on your project.

What kind of credentials do you provide for the designers?

Designquote has over 50,000 designer members world wide.  Once we approve your project it goes live on the ‘Designer Job Board’.  Designer’s review the projects on the ‘Design Job Board’ and will send you a request to make contact if they are interested.

At this stage in the process you can review the Designer’s Designquote portfolio, ranking, member level, reviews, website and testimonials without ever choosing to give your contact information out.

After you have reviewed the designers in your dashboard you can simply select which designer’s you will allow to contact you with their proposal.

Once you have permitted contact, the designer will either ask you for more information about your project or may send over a proposal, their company website, testimonials, references and portfolio, etc.  If you reject the designer (by selecting “No Thanks”), it opens up a slot for a different designer to request contact.  Note: We limit the number of designers that can bid per project.  So you won’t get a hundred designers bidding.  We have found this makes things much easier for everyone.

Once you have reviewed all of the Designquote designers that are interested in your project, you then can proceed to determine which designer you choose to work with.  At this stage Designquote is pretty much out of the picture and is between you and the designer.

We can not recommend one designer over another.  We simply open up the communication gates, each client is in charge of reviewing the designer’s company, portfolio & references.  Just like you would with any company.

*NOTE: DesignQuote does not endorse or make any recommendations regarding the designers who are bidding. It is up to you to ask for references and review each providers portfolio and decide who you wish to do business with. For more information see our Terms Of Service.



If you have more questions about this process feel free to email CustomerService@designquote.net