6 Tips to Create Eye-Catching Outdoor Signs for Small Business

When you’re creating outdoor signs for your small business, it’s important to create ones that are eye-catching. If you can get people to see your sign from far away and be interested, then you have succeeded. There are a few outdoor business sign ideas to consider.


Choose an Easy-to-Read Font

Avoid cursive fonts in your businesses sign
Cursive fonts could be a bad sign.

You will quickly find that there are thousands of fonts to choose from. Although some look really unique, they can be difficult to read, especially from far away. You don’t want a sign being missed simply because people can’t make out the words.

You should stay away from overly cursive fonts that have a lot of unnecessary loops. You should also look at the spacing of the font, particularly when using Serifs. If the font you choose has serifs at the top and bottom of the letters, they can easily run together, making it harder to read the name of the company and the message you are trying to share.


Go with a Large Font Size

It’s important to consider where the outdoor sign is going to go. Whether it’s on your door, on the road, or elsewhere, the font has to be large enough for people to see it as they’re walking or driving by. Most people won’t be stopped in front of the sign. Even when they are, they have to be able to read it from several feet back.

Remember, too, that not everyone is going to have 20/20 vision. The larger you make it, the easier it will be for people to read. A font that is only 3 inches tall may be read by people who are about 30 feet away. However, a font that is 10 inches tall can be read by people who are about 100 feet away.


Opt for Bright Colors

Bright colors will attract more attention. If you choose a color that is pastel, it may blend in too easily with the background. Red is considered the most attractive color to the human eye. It is an attention grabber and is a color that signifies power. Yellow is the most visible color to the eye. Meanwhile, neon colors are attention grabbers for teenagers.

You need to choose a color that is not only capable of attracting attention but will also help you stay true to your brand. What you put on the road may be different than what you put above your door, so it’s important to review the purpose of the sign when choosing colors, too.

Consider Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a popular option when you are making outdoor signs with metal because it adds something unique. By taking an in-depth look at the laser cutting process, you can understand the artistic edge that it offers. You may want to have the laser cut all the way through the metal so that a design is cut out of it. You may also want to use it to create a 3-dimensional look to the sign.

By opting for something that not everyone has, it is likely to catch the eye of more people, which is what you’re trying to do.

Minimize the Word Count

Too many words will make it easy for the message to be lost. You want to keep the outdoor sign as simple as possible so people can read it quickly. If you add multiple lines of text, people are likely only to catch a few of the words. This could spell trouble if you’re depending on them to read everything.


Hilarious sign fail
Looks like this store needs to fix the lights on their sign.

Add an Image or Logo

If you opt for text alone, it might not be as eye-catching as you want it to be. Add your logo or an image to the outdoor sign that you make for your small business. An image could be as simple as a star or shape because it will scream out “look at me,” which is what you’re trying to accomplish.

In the end, there are many ways to create outdoor signs that will get people’s attention. Take the time to decide what you want your sign to be used for. You can then incorporate the various tips so that the sign is capable of attracting the attention you want.

When in doubt, always hire a professional designer. If you are considering Digital Signage, check out Digifli.


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