Special Program for Design Students

Beginning in 2015 DesignQuote will offer a special program for students. We want to help new designers and developers get a head start on their career. Our new Student Connect initiative connects our most successful designers with students in order to mentor and give advice.

DesignQuote provides real clients needing real work. This can be a great learning experience for students.

Many of our clients are looking to hire students in order to save money. Designers charge more based on experience, so this is a great way to get real world experience, earn money, and build your portfolio. At the same time, clients on a budget can get the work they need without paying the rates for an established designer.

If you are a recent graduate or an active student enrolled in a design or web development related program with a participating school, you may be eligible.

Student Program Benefits*

Student Connect: Students can interact with and get help from successful professional designers. Our new program provides incentives for our best designers to participate and give guidance in our student forum.

Student Discount Starter Package: Ready to bid on real jobs? $30 Gets you started with 15 DQ-credits. This is over 50% off the package price. The starter package can only be purchased once.

Student Lead Matching Program: DesignQuote will match your credit purchases, up to $250 for the first year.

What is DesignQuote?

DesignQuote launched in 2006 and represents over 50,000 desingers worldwide. DesignQuote has helped almost 10,000 clients hire a designer to help them with their project. DesignQuote is a lead service for designers. Client's come and post their project requirements. DesignQuote staff qualify the project, then make it available to a limited number of designers. Designers purchase the lead and provide an estimate to the client. If the client accepts the proposal, they hire the designer directly.


Students must register with an email address from a participating school. Or have their participation verified by their teacher.

Current List of Eligible Schools

If you do not see your school listed:

Students: Click here to email your teacher and ask them to send us a link to the school's design program.

Teachers/Administrators: Use the link below to send us details about your qualifying program.

Add Your School

Teachers and School Administrators

Any accredited school offering a qualifying program can participate. If you would like to have your school participate, a representative from the school must contact us. Please email the link to your school's qualifying program. We will respond within 3 business days and let you know if you are approved or we need more information.

All we ask in return is that you let your students know about our program.

Qualifying Programs

If you do not see your school listed, ask your teacher or your school's job placement center to email us a link to the school's design program. For more information about this program contact Wesley E. Warren via email at . For more information about DesignQuote see How it Works and FAQ.

*Program benefits are subject to change. Starter package DQ-Lead-credits and matched DQ-credits may be limited to projects where clients have specifically requested students or projects of a specific budget range. Terms and conditions apply and DesignQuote maintains the right to alter the program benefits at any time, as well as review eligibility for any participants. Participation is not guaranteed, all accounts and participation are subject to the ongoing approval of DesignQuote™.

DesignQuote.net connects clients and designers. We do not take commissions or subscription fees.

While we can not guarantee the quality of clients or service providers we do review and quality check every lead that is posted.

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