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How Did You Hear About Us?

Why is DesignQuote better than any other lead service?
  1. DesignQuote does not force you to take every lead, we do not autoship, every lead is hand picked by you.
  2. We do not charge any membership fees or commissions - your pay for just the leads you want.
  3. Unlike EVERY other lead service, we allow you to ask the client questions BEFORE you buy the lead!
  4. Unlike EVERY other lead service, we actually follow up with the clients to find out who they hired!
  5. Unlike EVERY other lead service, you can see exactly how many other designers are submitting bids to the client.
  6. Unlike EVERY other lead service, we have a full-time staff of customer service reps that VERIFY every lead via email and/or phone BEFORE we make it available.
  7. Unlike EVERY other lead service, we double verify every lead! This means that when you purchase a lead, the client is emailed and notified that you want to bid - the client then has to click a form that states they are still accepting bids before you get the contact info. If they don't accept it you get your credits back.
  8. We filter out 90% of the junk so bad leads aren't posted. Our customer service operators do the work for you, verifying the leads to ensure you aren't wasting your time.

We provide qualified targeted leads for you to select from. We contact the client multiple times and verify their email and phone number and ensure they are actually looking for a designer. Unlike bidding sites, we do not promote bidding wars, and unlike other lead services we do not force you to take every lead we send you. You purchase only the leads you want. There are never more than 7 other bidders, usually less.

See How it works and the Designer FAQ for more information.

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