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    1. Can I post a project if I am just looking for pricing and am not ready to start?

    2. Do not post a lead for pricing

      Designers are paying for this information, they are expecting a project that is ready to begin. See FAQ #2 for budgeting.
      No. Because designers are paying for this information, they are expecting a project that is ready to begin so they can recoup their investment in purchasing your lead. If you are only looking for pricing and not sure if you are going to start your project, you must clearly and explicitly state that at the top of your description, but chances are you will not get many responses.

    3. I have no idea what my budget should be, can you help?

    4. Cost is largly based on your projects complexity

      The more complex a site the more time needed and the more experianced of a designer you will need. Please see the table below for an idea of what things might cost. You may also click the live help button during availible hoursto chat online with a representative.
      Depending on the expertise and experience of the provider, and the complexity of your project, cost can be difficult to determine. The cost to design a website or design a log can vary dramatically from one designer to another. Here are some basic guidelines that should help. You can also click live help or speak to a DesignQuote representative for recommended budgets.
      You can also read: A Client's Guide to Design: How to Get the Most Out of the Process By the AIGA.
      Common hourly rates:
      Student: $10-$30/hour
      Freelancer: $20-$100/hour
      Expert Consultant: $50-$250/hour
      Company: $70-$250/hour

      Recommended project budget:
      Logo /T-shirt design: $100 - $500
      Color Poster/brochure: $250 - $750
      Simple Website: $500 - $2500
      Complex Website: $2500 - $25,000

    5. What information should I put in my project description?

    6. For the best results we recommend you enter the following information:
      • What type of industry your project is for.
      • Similar exiting projects, such as links to websites or images.
      • A list of the features you would like.
      • How your project will be used.
      • Any existing materials you have that relate to the project.
      • Everything you expect to be delivered by the provider.
      • If this is a one-time project or if it may lead to more work in the future.

      The following items are NOT allowed in your project description or details:
      • Links to your existing website(s).
      • Personal contact information such as your name, company name, phone or email.
      • Projects that you are not ready to start.

    7. I'm not sure what to put in my job description. Can you help me?

    8. Describe your needs to the best of your ability including details

      A DesignQuote representative may contact you to help get more information on your project.
      Sure. Just click on the live help icon, or post your project as best you can and then when a DesignQuote representative contacts you, ask them for help and they will assist you in updating your project.

    9. Why hasn't the project that I just added showed up on the project list?

    10. We verify all projects

      Design Quote screens all postings for our designers during normal business hours Monday-Friday 10-5 EST.
      Projects that are newly entered need to be verified by our Design Quote team. Expect to be contact by us soon. You must provide a valid email and phone number to post a project. If you need to update your email or phone number click on the live help button during normal business hours Monday-Friday 10-5 EST

    11. How do I remove a job I posted?

    12. You must close your project

      This can be done through the client homepage after logging in.
      If the job is closed, go to your Client home page, and in your job listing you will see a 'close project' button next to each job you have listed. Hit the 'close project' button for the job you wish to close. Then you will be asked a few questions about the project, including who you chose for the job or why you closed the job. A few weeks alter you will receive a feedback request so you can rate the provider you hired.

    13. How does Design Quote differ from other project sites?

    14. We provide free postings of projects to designers

      You will receive high quality quotes and be able to communicate directly with designers about your project.
      Unlike other websites that charge clients for adding projects, it is absolutely free to post a project on Design Quote. Freelancers or companies interested in your project will compete to earn your business. Instead of designers posting bids and trying to undercut each other, you will receive only quality quotes and be able to communicate directly with the provider. Because the providers are paying for your lead, you get bids from high quality service providers who are serious about their work. After comparing bids from a number of providers, you decide who you would most like to work with. You can keep in contact with the other providers, just in case you have more work in the future.

    Design Quote Disclaimer: is a lead matching service only. If you have a contractual discrepancy with a client or provider, we would like to know about it. However, we have no legal recourse against either party for breach of contract, theft by deception or any other legal issues arising from business relationships started through our site. If you have produced work or remitted payment without proper consideration, we recommend you contact your local authorities, the Better Business Bureau and/or a licensed practicing attorney for proper advice of action. does not accept any responsibility for contractual obligations between client and provider. will not support or endorse any contract or agreement between client and provider and can accept no responsibility for the compensation, or lack thereof, held liable through these agreements.

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