Design Quote - Client Starter Guide

It's simple, fast and free to hire a designer. Just post your project once, then choose the designers that you would like to receive bids from. There are over 50,000 registered designers.

1) Register with Design Quote

2) Fill out the project form

3) Decide on a budget. We provide suggestions based on the project and experience level.

4) Once you are ready to hire a provider submit the form.

5) Designers will see your project anonymously (Just the requirements without your name and contact info) and if they want to provide you a bid you will be emailed and notified.


Patrick wants to bid on your project.

Please click the link below to accept a bid from Patrick in Columbus Ohio,
you also have the option of rejecting the bid or closing the project:

No bids will be sent without your acceptance by clicking on the link above.


6) Click accept to acknowledge the provider. Then the designer will contact you directly to provide you with a proposal.

7) You willl see bids under each project you have posted.

Client Preview
- after bid -

8) When satisfied with a designer go to "Close Job" and select the designer you want to award the job.


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