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DesignQuote has a full time staff that works Mon-Fri 10:00 - 4:00 PST

Heather: Customer Service
Customer Service:
Heather - Heather Calls and verifies projects.

Joe: Customer Service Supervisor
Customer Service Supervisor:

Wes: Partner and Affilaite Management
Partner Management:

Joseph: Programmer
Joseph writes the code that runs DesignQuote.

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Phone Support Hours are Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 3PM Pacific Standard Time. We usually respond to email support within 24 hours.

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About DesignQuote

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DesignQuote was started in 2006 by the owners of a high-end web development firm based in Atlanta. The owners had run the FreelanceDesigners.com directory since 1996 which is one of the largest directories of freelancers in the world. The marketing department for the company was delivering too many leads and design quote was created as a way to help those clients find designers.

With the huge database of designers, there were always several available to work on new projects. DesignQuote created a portal to connect clients needing work done with the many available designers throughout the world.

By 2009 DesignQuote was so successful that the owners closed all other operations to focus soley on managing DesignQuote and the other directories.

There are many benefits for clients using DesignQuote as opposed to the other methods of finding a designer or developer. Searching out seven or eight firms to request price quotes is a very time consuming task. Finding the best suited and available designers can take several days. With DesignQuote you only have to post the project once, and the appropriate designers find you.

If you have ever posted a project on Craigslist, you know that you will be instantly overwhelmed by hundreds of emails. Many of which are not even qualified to work on your project, they simply respond automatically to every project ever posted. It becomes an impossible task wading through the hundreds of emails or continuous phone calls.

With DesignQuote, the service providers are actually purchasing each lead, so you know that the designer is serious and invested. You have one place to manage all the contacts and clients decide which designers to accept bids from.

Designers love the service because they can cherry pick the projects that are right for them, without having to go out and search for potential clients. It's been a sucessful recipe for six years and we have helped thousands of clients and designers come together to create successful projects.

As of August 2008 we receive an average of 40 new leads every single weekday, of those only about 15 to 20 pass our screening process and make it onto the system.

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