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George Kanavos
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Please tell us a bit about your background. How did you get started in design?

I am a 25 year old living in Chicago Illinois who started his own web design company after seeing a large demand for it from current clients in other industries. I got started in design In high school-college, working on websites for my own or family run businesses and began to develop a knack for it.

How long have you been with your company?

I have been doing web design for about 8 years. However my current company that I own and run has only been officially running for 6 months.

Are you self taught or did you attend school for your industry?

I attended Indiana University in Bloomington, and majored in Informatics with a specialization in business and database management. In addition to many design classes a great deal of my experience has been self taught.

What web browser do you use?

Google Chrome

What social media do you use for work and play? Do you have a favorite?

Facebook and Instagram

What is your favorite thing about the type of work you do?

It allows me the freedom to work on my own time, from anywhere. It also allows me to expand my creative side while maintaining the main principles of business and accomplishing a goal.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into the web design field?

Make sure you learn something from every project and continue to work outside your comfort zone.

Who is your typical client at the moment and what types of projects are you working on?

Bars, Restaurants, and Non-For Profits are my most common clients, that include both web design and SEO

What advice would you give a client in order to prepare for a new project?

I would always advise to get to know more about your client and or business before you get started, and to work alongside them to ensure that you have a great finished and continuing product.

What is the most common problem you deal with when working with new clients who do not have much experience with working with designers?

The most common issue designers face is establishing a very open and thorough communication. As a designer you must be able to help them feel comfortable with the process and you would like them to be very critical and honest of your work so that they will be satisfied upon completion.

What is your standard hourly rate?


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