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Adam Evans
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Points Earned: 810
Member Level: Silver
Contracts Won: 12
Member Since: 2010
Toronto, NY, LA, Dal, ON M5H 2S8 CAN

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Average Client Rating 5.0 / 5 Stars.

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3 Client Ratings.

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Adam is someone with a very focused mind. He knows what to do and does it right. His dedication to work is beyond my imagination. A commercial mind combined with a sense of leadership, technical feeling and creativity make him a perfect partner. His goals are clear and his ambitions are a promise for the future.

from Big Media Group
Brussels Area, Belgium
Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star 5/5 Stars

Mr. Adam Evans is an outstanding example of professionalism and integrity. His expertise and valuable contribution has saved us time and money while increasing our efficiency. He headed the project for new branding, website design, graphic design and application development. We are looking forward to work with him again. We highly recommend him.

from Foreign Affairs House of Saud, Saudi Aramco
United Arab Emirates
Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star 5/5 Stars

Adam brings dedication, creativity, and execution to any project in which he is involved. An accomplished Creative Director with excellent web skills, paired with his visually creative sense and smart business acumen, creates for the type of individual that is an instant asset to anyone employing his broad talents. I look forward continued working with Adam and would recommend my contacts to hire him even they are in Canada the communication is excellent even on odd hours.

from CEO Chairman at Powerstorm ESS
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Please tell us a bit about your background. How did you get started in design?

I've been in the website design industry for over 15 years.

Initially I began heading a small team of 5 designers and coders. We mostly created websites for those in the gaming and server/hosting industry. It's great to be in such a fast paced industry as gaming; always ahead of the tech curv. We later began taking on clients in all sorts of industries.

Throughout the years I've worked with and launched thousands of new projects for small to large sized businesses, and met some awesome people along the way!

How long have you been with your company?

I have lead the awesome design and development Thought Media team for 6 years :)

Are you self taught or did you attend school for your industry?

Self taught in website design yes, however I personally don't write every line of code :).. I work with an amazing team and for years all I've done is oversee the design and development of projects.

I did attend college for 3 years for business and marketing, however the 15 year experience I've had in this fast pace moving industry has far overshadowed any schooling.

What web browser do you use?

Chrome mostly, however often testing in other browsers as well (Firefox, IE, Safari).

What social media do you use for work and play? Do you have a favorite?

I mostly tweet for work and share as a hobby I use Instagram and YouTube :)

What is your favorite thing about the type of work you do?

Creating new brands all the time, watching businesses launch and succeed, and meeting new people in all sorts of industries!

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into the web design field?

Be ready, it moves fast and changes often ;)

What`s your favorite development language and why?

HTML5 revolutionized the web, and PHP has always been a very reliable language.

What do you see as the most prominent emerging technology?

Tech related to sustainability and renewable energy. Also Wearable tech, Drones, and Space related exploration. Follow my twitter if ya want to talk tech ;) @itsadamevans

Who is your typical client at the moment and what types of projects are you working on?

Right now we're working on projects ranging from highly creative/brand oriented websites, to custom web based softwares built to help our clients manage their products, team, and clients of their own!

We're also working on some animated videos, and graphics for social media and presentations.

What advice would you give a client in order to prepare for a new project?

Be ready to give your input/feedback in the design stage (we like to hear what you think!) then sit back and watch us do our magic in development :)

What is the most common problem you deal with when working with new clients who do not have much experience with working with designers?

No problem at all. We work with all types of clientèle and it really just comes down to being friendly, getting along, and having fun with projects along the way.

Do you use a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) or any type of project management or proposal software?

We do have a proposal process and method of managing our client records, yes. All clients speak with one of our friendly staff and receive a custom written needs analysis/proposal which is tailored to their needs.

What is your standard hourly rate?


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