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When we hired Leah and her team at Sugar Design Group we already knew she would do a fantastic job. We were however, impressed by how quickly Leah followed up with us, the quality of her work and their strict adherence to deadlines. Going forward Sugar Design Group is the only vendor we will be using for any of our design needs.

from Direct2Guests
Vancouver, BC
Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star 5/5 Stars

Sugar Design Group has been pivotal in the growth of my business. Leah has been instrumental in helping me understand the importance of a professional website. She explains what she is building and why in clear and easy to understand language. Her kind and patient demeanor made the process easy and enjoyable. I will continue to refer Sugar Design Group to business in need of help.

from Urban Pets
Algergrove, BC
Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star 5/5 Stars

I hired Sugar Design Group to build a website, a daunting task in my eyes. Working with Leah was much more enjoyable and informative than I ever imagined it would be. I am grateful for all her hard work and help throughout the process as well as after. The website turned out great and that is due to Leah’s efforts and the extra mile she went for us.

from Valley Vintage Bicycle
Abbotsford, BC

What is your standard hourly rate?


Please tell us a bit about your background. How did you get started in design?

I have always been visually creative and looked for new ways to put my practical design skills to use. As a child I was always involved in the arts. Going digital was the natural progression, growing up with computers and with the evolution of the internet, graphic and web design became an interest for me in 2010.

How long have you been with your company?

Sugar Design Group was officially opened in 2013. I am the founder, owner and lead designer. We have currently 6 people on casual staff including myself, a developer, graphics design assistant, two web design assistants, and an online marketing specialist.

Are you self taught or did you attend school for your industry?

I started by taking some HTML and CSS courses at British Columbia Institute of Technology, and branched off from there, I am self taught in some disciplines, and I also enjoy taking courses and classes along the way to stay on top of new development methods, new software uses, and web design best practices.

What web browser do you use?

I make a habit of using all browsers, so that our online projects can be tested for functionality across the board. As a personal preference, I like to use Firefox and Google Chrome.

What social media do you use for work and play? Do you have a favorite?

Sugar Design Group has a Facebook page, and Twitter account. We are planning to open a YouTube account soon, to post videos with tutorial content for our clients.

What is your favorite thing about the type of work you do?

The part that excites me the most about being a web designer is the ability to meet and work with so many different kinds of people and businesses. I find it satisfying to help a dream come into reality. The marketing aspects of my company I also find exciting to help our clients businesses grow, attracting more customers and gaining in revenue.

Who is your typical client at the moment and what types of projects are you working on?

My typical clients are small businesses. Start up companies and brick and mortar stores that are looking to branch out online. Some projects I am currently working on include a social media effort for a church, a pet store owner that is moving her inventory online to boost sales, and a daycare owner who needs a new look and feel for her dated website.

Do you have a minimum budget for a new client?

I do not have a minimum budget for a new client. In some cases, all a client may need is a simple one page website to give them a web presence, and direct customers to their location. I don't see a value in turning away small fish, every client is an opportunity and I strive to embrace that.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into the web design field?

I would suggest to start out with some formal training in HTML and CSS as a base level knowledge to get started. Once you have those fundamentals down, you can branch out on your own and follow your interests to learn more.

What advice would you give a client in order to prepare for a new project?

In my experience, new clients can feel overwhelmed with the design process, and sometimes think that they need to know a lot about what they want before they can get started. This is a common misconception! Your designer can help you from square one, to figure out your needs and help you build a website plan that has everything you require.

Do you use a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) or any type of project management or proposal software?

Sugar Design Group uses a full service web application that includes a customer relationship manager, project management tools, and financial record keeping for easy communication and invoicing.

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