RFP 35102: Interactive Website Mentoring Program

Budget: $1000 - $2499     Skill Level: Any
Client Location: TEMECULA , California USA (check details for work locations)
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Service(s) Required:

Graphic Design:
•  Business Cards and Brochures
•  Logo Design

Web Design:
•  A Complete Website
•  Content Management
•  Custom Programming
•  E-Commerce (Sell products online)
•  Member Forums
•  Website Logo
•  Word Press

Project Description:

My Goals for this project are: Have a format that can be licensed and shared with other non-profits at a resonable cost. I. A platform that can that is easy to administer. II. Members access 1) Staff 2) Mentors 3) youth participants 4) volunteers 5) Donors 6) Sponsors III. Accounts established for each member and participant with the ability to track web- conversations between mentor and proteges. iV. Ability to allow members to complete training modules at own pace - track their progress and provide a certificate at the end of each module - 6- 8 modules. V. interactive chat and blogging iV. Secure site for Donations and private information. Vi. Ability to run database management reports to assist in managing the organization. Vii. Link to submit background checks for all members - unique ORI code for organization that can connect to Dept Justice site for checks. Similar or better then iMentor.com. The goal is to develop a platform that is cost effective and can be shared with new non-profits when we expand across the region and country.

My Industry:

Non-Profit (501-c-3)

Additional Details:

Similar sites to my project: imentor.com

My competition is: imentor.com

Best time to reach me is: 12:00

Best way to reach me is: phone

Important Dates

Contact Client By: 04/20/2012 Posted: 04/17/2012
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Client Information

Location: Temecula , CA, USA Business Type: Individual
Employees: 1 Years in Business: 1

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