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RFP 35066: Create Power Point Graphics for a Training Course

Budget: $500 - $999     Skill Level: Any
Client Location: WATERBURY , CT (check details for work locations)
Bids 5 designers have purchased this lead.
8 bids were requested
Service(s) Required:

Graphic Design:
•  Graphics for Print

Project Description:

My Goals for this project are: To create graphics to add to my power point presentation content for my training presentation.

My Industry: Training

Additional Details:

My Budget is Flexible: Yes

Other sites or graphics that I like: I have several online training program examples.

My competition is: Other compliance training companies.

Best time to reach me is: anytime

Best way to reach me is: phone

Important Dates

Contact Client By: 04/16/2012 Posted: 04/13/2012
Project Deadline: 05/25/2012 This Project has been viewed 258 times.

Client Information

Location: Waterbury , CT, Business Type: Individual
Employees: 1 Years in Business: 1

Questions About This Project

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