RFP 34570: Defiance OH: Social Networking Site Maintenance

Budget: $1000 - $2499     Skill Level: Any
Client Location: DEFIANCE , Ohio USA (check details for work locations)
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Service(s) Required:

Web Design:
•  Classified ads. (like craigslist)
•  Content Management
•  Member Forums
•  Update an existing website
•  Word Press

Project Description:

My Goals for this project are:

My Industry:

Good evening:

Could you tell me about your company, and your pricing, we created a social network site and took it live,________.com, now we need to have it all fine-tuned so that it workable and eventually profitable. We do have a price in mind and need to be able to make monthly payment for 12-15 months which are reasonable to pay for this project. I have a couple of companies which I am talking with but I am really truly wanting to use local talent for this.

We are seeking to have to site designed to be user friendly, right now it is a big site but we know that we do not need all of the content, that it can be streamlined. We need to have the site marketed and maintained as well. We are searching for a company which can do that for us and do it at a reasonable rate. We know that the design of the web site itself shall be an expense so we seek a monthly payment plan to cover that cost along with having the site maintained and marketed. We have received lots of proposals, some of which are hugely outrageous. If you feel that your company can do this for us then please by all means get back to me.

Additional Details:

My Budget is Flexible: Yes

My Maximum Budget is: Around 250 per month

Similar sites to my project: Facebook, tagged

My competition is: Social Networks

Best time to reach me is: Monring

Best way to reach me is: email

Important Dates

Contact Client By: 03/06/2012 Posted: 03/01/2012
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Client Information

Location: Defiance , OH, USA Business Type: Individual
Employees: 1 Years in Business: 1

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