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RFP 28693: Survey program with database

Budget: $2500 - $4999     Skill Level: Any
Client Location: DUBAI , ARE (check details for work locations)
Bids 8 designers have purchased this lead.
8 bids were requested
Service(s) Required:

Web Design:
•  Custom Programming

Project Description:

hey all here are the schematics for a survey program i would like to develop. I outlined the details with a programmer in my area so it should pretty much cover everything im looking for.

It`s a survey application to take inputs from users and stores it in a database which can easily be transferred to a spreadsheet for analysis. Also, upon completing the survey they will either get an sms or email message with info about their responses and it will provide them with a quick assessment, kind of like a personality test (based on how they answered the survey).

Thanks in advance

Digital Survey Tool

Design XHTML Inteface for Tool

Front End Interface Design based on supplied artwork.

Back End Interface (Administration section)

Database Schema Design

Design and Develop Database Schema for application

Program up applicable MySQL Database.

Set Securities and Permissions.

PHP Application Development

User Registration Interface Coding.

Administrator Interface Coding.

Campaign Management function (Create, Copy, New, Templates etc.)

QandA Response system.

Rich Content Entry Management (Rich content data storage, including images and unicode characters)

Email Responder System.

SMS Gateway programming.

PDF Customization programming (for custom forms, will customize documents with customer data - which can then be downloaded and printed from client. Client can be set to automatically print a PDF as soon as it`s downloaded - easiest solution)

LAMP Server Setup and Visualization

Complete Server solution will be delivered in the form of a VirtualBox Image which can be run through VirtualBox on any PC. This will ensure that it is both portable and easily deployable.


User Manual, Setup Manual and Troubleshooting.

Additional Details:

My Budget is Flexible: Yes

Best way to reach me is: email

This Addendum was added on 11/12/2010extend project submission date deadline, require more developers to bid on software

Important Dates

Contact Client By: 11/17/2010 Posted: 11/12/2010
Project Deadline: 02/10/2011 This Project has been viewed 2116 times.

Client Information

Location: Dubai, , ARE Business Type: Individual
Employees: 1 Years in Business: 1

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