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  • DesignQuote is syndicated. If you would like to add some great content to your site, you can list DesignQuote jobs on your website giving your visitors fresh content that is updated several times every day! If you do not have an easy way to add an RSS Feed then you can use this simple PHP script.

    You can capture the raw feed here:

    To apply styles to match your site, you can use the embedded CSS classes.

    The CSS classes give you a lot of flexibility so you can customize the content as much as you like. Here is one example of styles applied, then another example just changing the CSS class can make a drastic change, see another example.

    If you have a website that runs PHP just use the following script to add the feed: (you will also need to copy and paste the styles into your page.
    $url = "";
    $handle = @fopen( $url, "r" );
    if ($handle) {
        while (!feof($handle)) {
            $buffer = fgets( $handle, 4096 );
            echo $buffer; }
    The styles used in the feed are here:
    <style type="text/css">
    .dq_maincontainer { font-family: ariel,helvetica; font-size:12px; }
    .dq_main_title_span {font-size:14px; font-weight:bold; }
    .dq_nav_link {color:#6633cc;}
    .dq_job_div {font-size:11px; padding:4px; margin-top:10px; 
    border-bottom:1px solid #999999; width:600px; }
    .dq_job_title_link { font-size:16px;}
       A.dq_job_title_link, A.dq_job_title_link:visited{color:#6633cc; font-weight:bold;}
    .dq_closestoday {color:#cc0033;}
    .dq_daysremaining {color:#ff9933;}
    .dq_jobdesc_div { font-size:12px; margin:4px;}
    .dq_bold { color:#333399;}

    By the way if you do add the feed to your site let us know! Just post the url where you put the feed in our blog comments and we might feature your site on our upcoming "Feed Partners Section"!

    Add Design Job Feed Content to your Blog or Wordpress Site!

    Just Copy and paste this code into your text editor using HTML mode:
    Click in the box below to select all the text. (or click CTRL-A) Next Copy the text (CTRL-C) then paste (CTRL-V) into your HTML editor! - thats easy :)

    That code will add this super cool widget to your page:

    Get this widget! Find Graphic Design Jobs

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